D365: Error while importing unmanaged solution “Solution patch with version x.x.x.x already exists. Updating patch is not supported.”

Recently, we were working on D365 V9 upgrade from D365 V8. We had 2 DEV instances:

  1. DEV1 on D365 V8 as backup instance for making changes which need to be moved to PROD before upgrade
  2. DEV2 on D365 V9 for doing upgrade related activities/changes

We had already created a patch for the solution in DEV1 and used to move minor changes to Production through managed patch solution. Before having DEV2 we had this patch solution on DEV1 for which DEV2 was also having this patch solution as DEV2 was copied from DEV1 and upgraded to D365 V9.

We received a minor request to create a field and put that on form for an entity. We did the changes on DEV1, included the additional sub-components in the patch solution and moved the changes through managed patch solution to TEST, UAT and PROD. It worked fine.

After upgrading TEST, UAT and PROD instances to D365 V9, as the solution movement will be done from DEV2, we wanted to move the changes to DEV2 from DEV1 and here we faced the challenge.

We were trying to import unmanaged patch solution from DEV1 to DEV2. The solution import failed. Downloading the log file and checking for the errors, we found that import has failed with error “Solution patch with version x.x.x.x already exists. Updating patch is not supported.”

To fix this issue, we created one more unmanaged solution named “Additional Changes” in DEV1, included the entity in this solution for which we had made customization, exported it as unmanaged solution.

Then, we imported “Additional Changes” solution in DEV2. After successful import, we included only the sub-component in the patch solution which were changed in the entity in DEV2. Then, we deleted the unmanaged solution “Additional Changes” from DEV1 and DEV2.

Hope it helps !!

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