USD: Using Chrome Process with USD 4.1

Recently, we upgraded Unified Service Desk to 4.1 from 4.0 for one of our customer. With this upgrade, we got a new feature of using Chrome process for hosted controls as hosting type.

Using Chrome process made USD run faster as compared to the speed we were getting using default IE process.

Below are the steps to enable Chrome process hosting type for individual hosted control:

Go to Settings–> Unified Service Desk.–> Hosted Controls.

For below hosted control types we can set the hosting type as Chrome Process:

  • CRM Page
  • Unified Interface Page
  • Standard Web Application
  • KM Control
  • Unified Interface KM Control
  • Channel Integration Framework

Open each hosted control and select Chrome process as Hosting Type.

We can also set browser mode as Chrome through USD options for the entire organisation. Below are the steps to enable it.
Go to Settings –> Unified Service Desk –> Options.

Create an option with Name as “GlobalBrowserMode” and Value as “Chrome” as shown below:

To verify if a hosted control is using Chrome process for hosting or not, we can simply follow the below steps.
Run USD –> Load the hosted control that uses Chrome Process as hosting type.
Once the hosted control is loaded, click anywhere inside the hosted control window and press Ctrl+N. It should open a new tab in Chrome browser.

We can also check the hosting mode as Chrome process from Debugger Window –> Data Parameters Tab as shown below:

Hope it helps !!


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