D365: Set ConnectionId threw an exception

Recently, we got a weird error message “Set ConnectionId threw an exception” while trying to connect to D365 server from Visual Studio using Developer Toolkit.

We were using VS 2015 and D365 Developer Toolkit. It was working fine and we were able to deploy plugins/custom workflows to D365 instance successfully.

However, to work on reports, we installed D365 Report Authoring Extension. After it got successfully installed, when we tried to load the solution again, the solution was loaded successfully. After that when we tried to connect to D365 server we faced the below error message:

It seems D365 Report Authoring Extension doesn’t work well with D365 Developer Toolkit. To fix this issue, follow below steps as suggested by Chandan Bharti:
1. Open Visual Studio
2. Create new D365 Project
3. Connect to the organisation
4. When it asks for the solution, Close the dialog box
5. Open the solution you want to open. .. and VS will connect with no issues..

Thanks a lot Chandan for your suggestion !!

Hope it helps !!

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