D365 V9{Upgrade}: Ribbon button changes

If we have custom Ribbon button and custom JS code to perform some action on click of it or to simply display/hide Ribbon button based on some condition in JS code in version prior to D365 V9, then following changes need to be done to make them work in D365 V9.

  1. Using Ribbon Workbench, add a new parameter to the command/enable rule/display rule of type CRM Parameter:aa
  2. Select the value of CRM Parameter as PrimaryControl:bb
  3. After making above changes Click on Publish.cc
  4. Then coming to JS code, pass executionContext as parameter to the method used in command/enable rule/display rule.dd

NOTE: Here, we talked about only ribbon button related changes wrt D365 V9. Other client API changes still need to be done as part of upgrade activities as mentioned here.

Hope it helps!!


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