D365 V9: Create app using Unified Interface Client

With Dynamics 365 V9, we have ability to create app using Unified Interface client. Below are the steps to see it in action:

  1. Login to the D365 instance –> Click on Settings –> My Apps.b
  2. Click on Create New App at the top right corner.c
  3. In the Form, fill the mandatory details and select Client as Unified Interface. Once completed, Click Done.d
  4. Then, let’s create a demo sitemap.f
  5. We have added few area, groups and sub areas.e
  6. Once done, click on Save.g
  7. If there are no errors then let’s Publish it by clicking on Publish.h
  8. To see in action what we have designed so far, let’s click on Play.i
  9. The app will be opened in a new tab.j
  10. To access other groups and sub areas, click on the left panel to expand.lk
  11. The app will be listed on Published Apps section.m


Hope it helps !!


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