USD Product Bug(2.0 and 3.0): Session tab name not visible properly

Recently, while working on USD for one of our customer, we found a strange issue with the USD client application.

We had a requirement to open a session when the agent dials a phone number using dialpad or whenever a phone call is made from agent to customer using predictive dialing. We already had CTI connector in place to achieve this. The session that is opened contains the “customer name” for which the phone call is made.

The issue comes randomly, when the session is opened. The session tab name was visible clearly sometimes and sometime it was not. Please see the screenshots below:


In the first screenshot, the “customer name” is there in the session tab, however it’s not visible properly. In the second screenshot, the session tab name is visible clearly.

For resolving this issue, we have involved Microsoft product team into this and waiting for the fix to be released by the product team.

Hope it helps !!


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